260 episodes of 25 minutes!

2200 children

130 public figures

Why are we proud of this project?

The family show with children and public figures BUSHAVI GLAVI is a project where the main actors and protagonists are children (from a large group in kindergarten and first and second grade) with their vision of how things in the world work, they open many topics for discussion and they carry us into a world reserved for open children’s minds. Adults are only here to help keep that world as it was created by the children’s fantasy.

In addition to the fun the children will have, with the BUSHAVI GLAVI project they will learn many new things in the area of culture and arts, they will learn how to maintain their health by exercising and keeping an eye on their diet.

Science is also a big challenge for us.

Many public figures, artists, doctors, athletes, nutritionists i.e. all those who, with their positive example, will try to motivate children not to be afraid to ask questions, to freely create and will encourage them to compete with each other, will speak on all of these topics. Adults also talk about their childhood days, the fantasies and dreams they had and the wishes that had come true for them.

The first season of the BUSHAVI GLAVI project contains a total of 200 episodes, each lasting 25 minutes. The authors and editors of this project are the actress Biljana Dragikjevikj Projkovska and host and musician Suzana Turundzieva.

Guests in the first 200 episodes are very important public figures who are also our support: Simon Trpchevski, Sashko Kocev, Biljana Dragikjevikj, Sara Mejs, Risto Samardziev, Tanja Kochovska, Elena Ristevska, Zharko Dimitrioski, Igor Stefanovski Idze, Rubens Murtovski, Daniel Kajmakovski, Tijana Dapchevikj and Tamara Todevska, Natasha Meshkovska, Igor Vangelov, Ana and Jana Stojanovski, Snezhe Velkov and many others.

Conceptualizing the show with positive public figures, our goal is to present our children true values.

Currently, from the second season that will have 200 new episodes, the pre-broadcast editing phase contains 60 new episodes which you will soon be watching on NASHA TV!

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