about the PROJECT


With its songs, it won the hearts of the youngest music lovers in a short time, and it regularly announces spring every year.
Through the songs, children step into the world of family, school, kindergarten, healthy habits, tolerance, nature, ecology, fairy tales…

Idea-wise and conceptually conceived by the composer Miroslav Pap, “POTOCHINJA” started as the first festival for preschool children in Macedonia. The success and popularity of the first editions of the festival led to great interest among school-age children to participate in “Potochinja” and the festival begun to include children – participants aged 5 to 12 years.
For 11 years, the Universal Hall was the home where Potochinja realized its editions, and when it was closed, in the past years, POTOCHINJA delivered its editions in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.
Children’s festival “Potochinja” will continue to tirelessly develop children’s music culture and to have an educational impact on children through entertainment.

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