about the PROJECT


Music…talents…music…thousands of children…
Time…love…children’s passion…
What is the last children’s song you remember from your childhood?
What is the educational function of music? Do you and your children rejoice in the beautiful children’s songs?

NASHA TV in its concept, vision and mission, has set the goal to reach the youngest audience – the children – in the best possible way as one of its main goals.

To achieve this goal, NASHA TV has regular cooperation with the current and former organizers of all children’s music festivals, whose releases from years ago, but also the latest, are regularly broadcasted on its programme.

Zlatno slavejche, SI-DO, Tra-la-la, Lavchinja are present on NASHA TV every day.
We produced 165 shows from 55 concerts, with duration of 30 minutes.

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