There have been, there are and there will be problems, but how can we find the opportunities in the problems that the crisis has brought us. Are domestic companies focused enough to find opportunities or waste too much time on negative comments and accusations about everything given, measures, programs, etc. and thus losing additional energy.
Focus your mind on the possibilities, react quickly, this will not happen again, and with it the new chance, in such circumstances, with this arrangement of things.
This will pass, and the chance will pass, it is given once and it passes, because futher it will be different, different circumstances, different conditions.
If you do not react quickly, chances and opportunities and new perspectives will go away. Many lessons have been read, many wise sayings have been said, it is up to us to understand them in time and to apply them at the right time. And as absurd as it sounds, it is right now, yes as you read. The right time for new things and new perspectives is right now.
Therefore, we are all on the move, to show how much we will use them.
The most complex industry, the textile industry, found a way to reorient itself and start sewing masks instead of shirts and for that act BRAVO. Proof that it could be done.
Even the most stubborn business owners, who resisted the modern ways of doing business, gave in. The most conservative employers, who could not understand at all, that the employee does not have to be physically present in the company in order to be 100% productive and to do his job in the most conscientious and qualitative manner.
Because, of course, it is useless if someone just sits physically at work and does not work with 100% productivity, regardless of whether the company is in crisis or is functioning normally, right?
They all gave in and found new opportunities and saw in practice that it could all work, only if we open our minds more and give it a chance, to show that it works. By contacting many business owners, I get information about new beautiful things that they have created and are creating right now, in a crisis.
Some say, of course I should have done this, to do online business, but due to overload and a race to accomplish everyday things, I consciously neglected it.
Now, thanks to the crisis, because it gave me time and a chance to implement it and to become more competitive and to improve my work and continue in a new development.
Another one says, I created a new kind of service and thanks so much for the crisis, I had time to sit for hours in silence and create something new.
Another will say, I am glad that a filter will be made in the composition of the companies, an expected selection, which will be done by the crisis and thanks for that.
There will remain those who really want and know how to work, who cultivate good business relationships, good host practices, that plan to grow and develop. So we can continue working with such quality companies. So far, we have wasted time with everyone, including the frivolous, who improvised in their business and took away our time and money by not paying us. Thus, they took away the financial power to work.
Now, let the best remain.
Are these a few examples that show that the crisis was welcomed to draw the line, to make an overview of what they have done so far, where they have done wrong and what they need next.
There will definitely be changes, those who will survive will come out a little more and then they will be counted how many there are and how many are left.
But they will be stronger, newer, more serious and with new products, services, projects. By the way, some of the companies have already shown that they have made such changes, with the fact that they have started to market their products through the new e-shops.
It is not always about the money, sometimes it is about the mind, the acceptance of the challenge, the risks.
Well, that’s why they are entrepreneurs, isn’t that why they are special and different from everyone else. That’s how it should be!
You do not have to wait.
It is necessary to react.
Therefore, let’s look for opportunities in the crisis, not for problems.

Marija Georgievska, MA
Editor and host of the show for business and economics PROFIT