International knowledge competition was held in the private secondary education school Yahya Kemal Skopje this year. OWLYPIA-The Intellectuals’ Challenge 2019, local round, is a challenge for young people in the country.

This is an exciting international competition for students aged 11-14 and 15-18. The goal of this competition is to inspire the intellectual curiosity of every young mind and every year has a different topic. In Owlypia, the students participate in three competitions: Owlypia-Internet, Owlypia-Locals, Owlypia-Global (Cambridge in England and Harvard in the USA).

This exciting international competition, which was held on 23-24 November this year, has a series of team challenges in five different topic areas. Young intellectuals had an opportunity to share their creative ideas, to develop their multi-disciplinary academic skills, to discover their potential, to build their confidence, to develop teamwork skills and make new friendships.

During the event’s team challenges, there were groups of three students each that faced five different challenges from the five given subjects during 2 days. Team challenges were: test on a selected topic, writing an essay, debating, improvised speech and team test.

Furthermore, Owlypia consists of 5 topics and they are social studies, art and design, literature and culture, science and technology and economy and business. The students selected one of the given subjects and prepared for the competition by using the resources made available for that subject.


After finishing the competition, the most successful students were awarded certificates and medals, confirming the biggest successes and traditions they nurture from previous years, and that is to win a record number of gold, silver and bronze medals, and certificates of appreciation by including a large number of students in this kind of global competition.


Such competitions are of great meaning for the development of student’s knowledge, nurturing of the cooperation and teamwork, and add to the value of operation and quality of the educational institutions as key to the development of you generations, stimulating the intellectual curiosity and improvement of their academic skills.