Biljana Maksimovska loves Paris. Paris also loves Biljana. And what would Biljana have done several times in Paris if it weren’t for that. Just returned, there goes Biljana again to Paris : )

Paris is fantastic 
She says – Everyone who knows Paris either has a positive premonition before they leave or a wonderful experience when they return home.

What she most likes about Paris are the people.
A lot of wine is drunk at every table and at any time and when it is celebrated and when it is a festivity or a simple lunch. The French eat very simply and the act of eating is a moment to share with family and friends.
They love to talk and have a glass of wine in their hands and eat a lot of cheese, bread, salad, meat and wine.

Biljana is most impressed by the atmosphere and the people, she loves simple dishes. She will never forget the best fresh oysters she ate in France.

Her special experience is the mornings in Paris, when the whole city is embraced by the smells of their bakeries that boost all our senses.