In a pleasant atmosphere and relaxed conversation, our Dzinas Papas Dzoksi shared with us the beauties of his favourite city of Split and the Dalmatia region.
He has spent the most beautiful and creative part of his life in Split as an experience translated into feelings, music, socializing, friendship.
That has inspired several of his own songs, including the song “Na Veligden sum se zaljubil” which marks his career.

Dzoksi told us how to serve fish in 1001 ways and one of the specialties he have tried and for which he has special feelings is the anchovy prepared on grill without being cleaned at all and is eaten with the inside organs of the fish.

His story brought us closer to this beautiful Mediterranean country.
And you will have to find out for yourself what kind of food Zoran Ralev prepared for Dzoksi and what songs were sung and what good stories were told.
What kind of wine they drunk? From BOVIN winery, of course.