Although she is often in Turkey with work engagements, as part of the cast of the most famous Turkish series, we talked with the Macedonian actress Sabina Ajrula Tozija about the tastes of Italy.

When the Italian cuisine is mentioned, it comes down to vegetables, pasta and fish as Italian main dish.
Italians are known for having a glass of wine at every meal. And it is interesting that when they eat fish they drink red wine. But it’s a matter of everybody’s individual taste.

Sabina told us about the taste of fantastic wine in Piedmont, where the Italian vineyards are and where the finest wines are produced.
In Pescara, for the first time, she has eaten spaghetti “al dente”.

We learned from her more about the habits of the Italians and their lifestyle.

But Zoran also had something to tell and offer her to taste great food and a sip of deity from our finest Macedonian wines from the BOVIN winery.