Wine is like a human being, we would just think that we know it very well, it will surprise us with some unexperienced beauty. Some people think that wine and life are synonymous. Wine is said to be food, and it was also enjoyed by the gods of Olympus.
It is considered to be the most natural product on the table.

When it comes to wine, all legends must be accepted as true. Only those who have never tasted the esoteric deceptive taste of wine that foreshadows discovery of mysteries do not believe in them.
Judging by the Latin saying “In vino veritas” or “In wine there is truth”, wine is older than Latins, and some witty people would comment that wine is even older than the truth. Scientific evidence suggests that the vine is one of the first plants to be grown by human. In almost all periods of human history, wine has been a cult to some extent. The ancient Egyptians painted the story of extracting grape juice on the walls of Pharaonic tombs more than five millennia ago. The ancient Greeks even had their own god of wine, the drunken Dionysus. Among the 12 immortals, he received the honourable place next to the God above the Gods, Zeus.

Wine stimulates imagination, intelligence and creativity. The talented wine drinker is said to be a gentleman. Only the chosen ones are given that skill to distinguish the varieties and the quality of the wine. This time we will talk about chardonnay. It belongs to the group of varieties of burgundy. According to a classification made by a group of vine and wine experts, this variety is considered international. Chardonnay originates in France, but has spread to many countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, California, Argentina, Australia, and South Africa. The homeland of Chardonnay is the Chablis region in France. It is served at basement temperature, i.e. at a temperature of 10 degrees.

Science says that wine is rich in nutrients and nutritionists consider it food, not alcohol, regardless of the fact that it contains 10 to 16% alcohol. This world classification of wine in food, however, is still not accepted in our country. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the beneficial effect of wine is when consumed rationally and in moderation, as well as for everything in life. It is important to know in the culture of nutrition that wine is the most beneficial for the body, and the least harmful if it is consumed during a meal.