The fourth element from which the philosophers of nature derived their theory of the origin of the world was air.
“As the soul is the air which rules over us, so breath and air encompass the whole cosmos,” said Anaximenes, who was born in 580 BC.
Anaximen sought the truth about the cosmos in the light of everyday life. Observing how all living things are maintained and evolved by inhaling and exhaling air, he came to the realization that air is the basic element of life, explaining that everything is created by its thickening and dilution. The air is invisible, but with its movement- the wind, with its humidity, heat and cold, we are aware of it.
Clouds, which are formed by the mixture of water and air, are also invisible. We are aware of them from those who travel in the sky above our city and they know how to be beautifully blue, red, orange, purple. We are also aware of them when in a spring morning, on the way to our workplace, our gaze accidentally passes to a lonely cloud, which is looking for its happy half.
Wind is air in which molecules move restlessly.
The wind has the power of space. With a good wind we can disperse the dust accumulated into our soul, in that same wind we can feel light and skittish.
Air is all around us, in every crack, cavity, in any space that is not filled with something else.
Breath means life, the last exhalation marks the end of life.

Let’s try not to start our car if it is not necessary.
We can take a walk to the workplace enjoying the AIR. It is a healthy and moving experience.