In the constant search of the origin of the world, the sages from before our era have been wondering what is the entire cosmos built from: “matter or energy”?!
How often, in just one day, do we use “energy” in our conversations?
Invoking it, when we are exhausted from the work ambitions, from the chaos in our emotions, when our sun is on the other side of our green – blue planet. Or when because of our virtue we are sure that we have encouraged and doubled the positive thoughts of others.
Energy is the most fascinating invisible force that moves the world!
It is the God of all material and immaterial things. Even more fascinating is the conclusion of physicists that It (the energy) cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
It fascinates whether it acts in the creation itself or by its action it causes the creation of something else.
The water at the top of the waterfall is so beautiful because of the amount of the accumulated energy in it, and because of it precisely we know about the light in the darkness.
Can we imagine energy as a million molecules, which in the order of a Spartan army, strive to create an ideal state?!
Or like a million confused molecules sent by fallen angels, who, out of simple envy or ignorance, devastate everything that comes their way…
Have we at least once imagined the image of God as the greatest mentally-strong energy, which moves the world by colliding with itself?!
Long ago, since history has known about man, the man was fascinated by thunder.
The spark that created the holy fire.
Then …. time passed ….. Water energy was the first natural force tamed by the man and used for effective purposes.
Thales, our sage, besides seeing the water as the greatest spiritual substance, he, by cosmic chance, opened the door to the secrets of electricity. Through the mystical sparks that are created when amber is rubbed with wool. Sparks that radiate life, light!
And finally, the energy without which we cannot imagine the world – ELECTRICITY