This cosmos equal for all beings was not created by any God, nor by man, but by the one that will be eternally alive – the Fire – which is moderately lit and extinguished. The Greek sage came to this thought, a long time ago. Along with him we also wonder: “What is fire?”

Planet Earth was created by the great fire, during the great warming, which was followed by the great volcano.

And finally…. Space bodies began their lives after some of them reached their optimum temperature. Ever since they have been our habitat – the planet Mother Earth.

The sun is the eternal living fire. Because of the sun we know about the light and because of the light we rejoice in the day.

What if that eternal fire never existed?

We would live in darkness, we would feel in darkness, there would be no day and all bright joys.
The fire is the one that illuminates our lives, the one that illuminates our path, the fire whose sparks in the spring morning can make us the happiest people in this world.

When you bring the ember closer to the fire in your yard, it will transform, light up, it would even seem to you that it starts laughing…. and, when you move it away, it will go out.

We add sand to the fire and get glass… only with the fire can we tame the iron. With fire, we model gold like play dough. With the fire we prepare the stone to build our home.

What about the fire in our hearts?
Spring is the right time of the year for us to feel the fire most strongly in our hearts.
When we do what we love, the fire burns in us. When we are in love, we are closest to it.

Heraclitus, observing nature, saw that everything in it was in perfect harmony, with the help of various cosmic forces. He has said: “God himself is a conflict of opposites.”

Fire is created as a collision of two different forces or according to the law of the conflict of opposites, a law that moves the entire world.
Fire lives from the death of the earth, spark lives from the death of fire, water lives from the death of the spark and earth lives from the death of water.

Fire has great power…
But there is a thin line that makes us wonder, does fire destroy more than it creates?

Fire, says Heraclitus, is gifted with mind and can control things. All things, when the time comes, will be rewarded or judged by fire.

Never let the fire in you to go out!
Fire is life, the force that moves us forward. But Heraclitus says that we must pay attention to the extent to which we turn the god of nature on and off.