Few citizens of the universe wondered if factual confirmation was possible, that it was something in accordance with the WHOLE and all its internal parts. And how to achieve that by following the example of the nature?
Mother Earth was created from transformation, from the big bang. And all the members of our planet Earth were created after it. Some have disappeared along the way, completing their mission here on this Planet.
The essence of this planet is its transformation into complete harmony. Or simply just Harmony (Balance).
And we, as its children, in the essence of our body, our mind and our soul, have the harmony (balance).

Harmony of the food we take into our body.
Harmony of sleep with the need for rest.

The few proponents of the idea of a harmonious world throughout history have tried to remind us how it was and how it should be.
Jesus, Confucius … all thinkers from Ancient Greece, from Babylon and Egypt invite us to hear and feel their messages of a harmonious and virtuous life.
Confucius has said: “Perfect is the virtue which is according to the constant mean.”
Aristotle teaches us the golden measure.
Even today, various spiritual teachings, coming from all over the world and merging into one and same goal, try to build their basics on this topic.

Let’s remember the universal principle of Yin and Yang, which calls for the possibility of establishing harmony in the different – for harmony of our whole being and thus setting harmony with other beings.

Even we today can learn that and can remember ourselves of the cosmic harmony by getting to know the nature in the immediate environment, allowing the harmony to easily enter our atoms, alveoli, blood vessels, mind.

And if we apply the golden measure of Aristotle and the constant mean of Confucius, we will live our lives in HARMONY.