Objective Lens

Have we ever wondered how the universe sees and experiences us?

Maybe like a roll of dust, crawling helplessly on the small and unimportant planet Earth, or like piles of chemicals, which are skilfully connected with one another… Or as the poets thought that the human endowed with the mind is infinite in terms of the abilities at their disposal.
And perhaps as all of that at the same time!

Along with these doubts, we ask ourselves: “What is good and what is bad? Is there a good way to wish for the best?”

Is this maybe depending on our private objective lens?

Is it possible that human is composed of a bundle of finest organized senses, guided by reason?

The objective lens that makes our life, the objective lens with which we inject our desires, experiences and ambitions, into the big, biggest of all – our star?

…The star that strives to be part of the cosmic harmony…

Do we experience all things around us with the help of light, which creates our images, colours, dreams?

The light in our objective lens is the one that shows us the way to all things… Those same things that make our lives happy, sad or confused.
Light is the personal Goddess of our small but well-organized cosmos.
Let’s not stop it with brown spectacles.

We have the right to see pastel colours!