If we were to take time just for ourselves and try to touch our essence, at the very beginning we would have to clear the way to us from all the unnecessary layers that stuck to us along the way. After that mini or maxi “general cleansing”, we will finally come to us, to what we are made of.
What a sense of being dazzled!

After the poisoned, careless behaviour towards ourselves, we come to the conclusion that we should finally return to the primordial need for PEACE, peace as we know it, from the very beginning of our existence.
Remembering how nature enjoys peace and tranquillity or the cosmos with its impeccable order, we understand that it is our essence, following the example of all things in the Universe.
Peace, as a cosmic ultimate rule.

We strive for peace when we reach for our favourite book and go to the neighbouring park. When we meditate, when we dance or hike on the nearby mountains, when we pray…

Only for peace we always have time. And if for a moment peace leaves us, leaving room for worries, restlessness and irritability, we try to stop for a moment and remember that peace starts from our soul, that is, from us.

The peace of Christ, on the other hand, is a state of spiritual contemplation.
For Indians, shanti is a quest for inner peace, by quelling unrest and passions.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded since 1901. One of the winners is Gonxha Bojaxhiu from Skopje, known as Mother Teresa, who has dedicated her whole life to peace and helping the oppressed, the sick.
These are some of Mother Teresa’s morals: “Honesty and sincerity will make you vulnerable. It does not matter, be sincere and honest. If you help people, you may pass badly. It does not matter, help them.”

This Mother Earth, fortunately, has beings that believed in peace and used to spread it: Mahatma Gandhi (translated as “Great Soul”), Jesus, Buddha…
They inspire ethics, have the strength to endure, forgive, not to hurt others, and help.
Let us not forget even for a moment these holy people and their messages.
Be peaceful, love each other and make good deeds.