The word prayer, by itself, without any deepening needed, means peace, desires, patience, fulfilment.

Prayer is an expression of personal needs by addressing a higher being.
Prayer is asking for something for yourself: a ritual that exists since the beginning of the humanity.

In the beginning, that word meant praying to the cosmic intelligence for easier adaptation to nature and better living conditions. And then, the prayers served the human for soul cleansing, asking for forgiveness for their wrongdoings or various deviations from the right path.

By praying, a person “takes out” from themselves what they need in order to reach humility or consolation.
During that ritual, the person absorbs positive feelings sent for the prayer they say, which are caused whether from the object in front of which they pray or from the power of the sacred objects or from the very process of entering into one’s own self.

In the act of prayer, we ask heaven for the forgiveness of our sins, believing that it will comfort our souls.
Plato, Democritus, Empedocles thought about the needs of the soul and considered the possibility of understanding its essence. Plato said that there is a hierarchy of ideas at the top of which is the supreme idea – God.

In true prayer, great people of faith turn to God not only for personal purposes but also for things that affect all people: peace, love, respect, wisdom, conscience, well-being, happiness…

All of these things exist in us, but we sometimes forget to treat others with love and inadvertently pollute our lives with bad thoughts and actions.

God’s prayer is in our hearts. And if we make at least a little effort to hear it, then our life will begin to move on the path, with the heart. Then our prayers will be heard. And then, maybe God will be pleased with his children.