When we remember that we, the most superior living beings on the planet Earth, are only a logical, almost insignificant consequence of the natural process of the universe, we are often glad to claim that we doubt the theory of our pre-existence.

Our high self-awareness and the temple – our ego – will be seriously endangered, precisely because it is easiest for us to think that we have created ourselves, that we can manage nature, that we are the most powerful of all… Maybe WE ARE, but in the destructive power.

The solution to this unwelcome thought is here, before us. We just need to wish for it and open our eyes, our intellectual eyes, to the nature that surrounds us.
Both the sages BC and the modern man of today have at least once in their lives asked themselves: “What is eternity?”
In the most ambitious engagement of all mental capacities, we will try to come up with an answer, which will appear as a result of our imagination or as a result of the development of physics.
However, the simplest way is to find eternity in one of the forms of nature, here, among us.
Could it be the stone?
The stone as an association of peace, dignity, unalterable. As a path to eternity.

Can we see the stone as a symbol of the solidity of the whole world, as the pillar on which we rely, as the compactness of the movement of space bodies … as the material principle of the world, as opposed to the water as spiritual…?

Or like the road we drew and have it redrawn?
Can we recognize the magical power of the universe in a pebble we took as a souvenir from a trip to a nearby mountain or lake?
Power that contains all the wisdom, which shows us that eternity can be deserved only if we change our minds and if we begin to believe in nature and its rules.
Do we remember that alchemists, long ago, wanting to discover the stone of wisdom, which was supposed to help the world to be smart and moral, failed to find it, but discovered the gold as a material principle that moves the world.

People used to write on stone instead of paper. The first wheel has been made of stone and the first sparks of art have been carved into the rocks.
The Olympian god Apollo, the symbol of light and reason, has been embodied in stone.

But has the notion of value ceased to apply to pink, red, blue and white stones that confirm our social arrogance and female beauty?

Let’s not forget and not misuse the term stone, when we have not learned what is required of us or in the glory of Dionysus, when alcohol is unreasonably consumed