In our modern day life, the term time is most often used to meet deadlines in the work organization, or to meet with friends for relaxation.

In the broader sense and by viewing it from higher and wider, we use it again for the plans we want to achieve in perspective:

“It’s time to see the things as they really are!“

“It’s time to get into the true essence of things.”

“It’s time to give more of myself, to the things and the people I love.”

Time is measured since ancient civilizations.
The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Chinese – measured time in their own way.
Day and night is the first division of time.

It’s time to feel the time of all things surrounding us.

Do they live the same time as we do… this time?

It can be assumed, and can be observed:

Does Apollo’s statue made by Michelangelo live this time, or its own time, of when it was created?
The garden in our yard, which cools and fills us, what time does it live in?
Do we live in this time, now and here? Or we may be fooled by the temple of our knowledge, without the pardon to reality.

Time is an imaginary and abstract category of order and precision, of this man here, at this time.

Time is moving.

Standing still doesn’t slow down time … it even speeds it up! Tensions between molecules that need to move and keep going forward are energized!

Let’s not slow down the time of things with inactivity.

Let’s feel the right time to start in the Universe with creative messages, and goods that are good for all of us and from us!