“Everything came from water,” said one of the seven sages, Thales of Miletus. And so began the history of the Western philosophy, that is, the search for truth.
A search that lasts almost 21 centuries.
The path to the truth was considered to be the light which turns into thunder composed of thoughts and feelings, lightning that strike within ourselves initiating the creation of the world, the awareness of us and the soul of all things.
Thales is the first philosopher of nature. He has said: “First cause was water, water is the truth, the essence of things.”
First-as God, as creator, as cosmic peace, as the truth that goes with it.
Can we try to see water as something spiritual, as a thought that can dissolve like a fizzy multivitamin tablet in reality?
Wet thought with which we will open the window of our soul and allow us to ventilate it. Much like when you look at the starry sky and say to yourself: “If only I could rise so high, to spread so wide, to smell the universe, to become dust that the universe would recognize as its own.”
It is enough to step into our nearest river and feel the fragile and soft purity as it passes through us, holding on as long as we are ready for it.
As we stand in the opposite direction of its flow, do we have the right to imagine ourselves as a beam of molecules and to feel its transparency with a force that moves the world.
It is then that we will be able, at least for a moment, to touch the feelings of the great Thales.
We drink the water. We wash the dirt with it. We admire the small mountain rivers and the huge mysterious oceans. We recognize it in all its chemical transformations.
It puts out the fire, moistens the earth, turns the air into clouds, makes its way through the stones … it flows in eternity, it springs from the depths.
It is blue like the universe, like the sky, like our dreams.
It is opaque when a lot of dust from our everyday life will be found in it and it is delicious from the spring.
It knows how to comfort and how to hurt.
Water is our health, our life, our movement and our change.
Because of all this, do not let too much water go down the drain of your bathtub!