“In the beginning was the word …

And God said, Let there be Earth and there was Earth,

Let there be light and there was light. ”

God’s word – the beginning of the creation of the world.

Are we thinking about the value of these words?

Do we even think about the power of words?

When we speak, are we in absolute vigilance and awareness of what and how we speak?

Well, we should!

The word materializes our thought the fastest … and now, in this troubling time, especially the bad thought, expressed with passion.

The emotional component of the word is extremely important. It can elevate but also destroy!

Do we feel happy, fulfilled when we exchange kind words with friends?

Of course!

And yet, when we witness gossip, we feel the damage to both the gossiper and the person that the gossip is about. The world-famous Russian doctor and bioenergetician Sergei Lazarev (S.N. Lazarev) researched this.

With the word the great is achieved, with the word it can be destroyed. I wish that we succeed in disciplining the mind, so that it gives birth to only beautiful thoughts, which are good for us and for others. I wish that words do not lead us to haste.

It is said, “The good word opens iron doors.”

Let’s think about creating beautiful and constructive things.

Let’s talk about beautiful and constructive things.

To create beautiful and constructive things.

The good word opens iron doors and the bad one closes them all!

Speak, beautiful things!

Listen, the beautiful things!