Dear audience,

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. Although we are working according to the combined model at the moment, the reality is still the same. Life is not like it was in the past.

However, despite all difficulties, each and every one of us must find their own exhaust pipe, channel for emotions and spending energy.

The sports activities are one of the channels for spending that energy but the art is also equally important, or the creativity that everyone has in themselves.

When I say everyone, I mean our students.

This past period seven of our students shared with use their creative writing.

As addition to the creative texts, many of them showed desire and determination to defend the written word through acting.

I once again had the honour and opportunity to mentor these student and I gladly accepted it.

We worked hard and with great dedication, sometimes online sometimes we had rehearsals in person despite all our other school related obligations. During those days when the working bells stoped, the silence invited us to filled it with our creativity.

During these performances, you will see how these seven students felt during this pandemic. You will feel the emotions that they decided to share through the creative prism with you.

As a teacher but also as an actor, I repeatedly find the meaning of the different types of art woven into the lives of people.   One movie scene that I will never forget is from the movie Titanic.

Once the Titanic hit the iceberg and started sinking, the passengers tried to save themselves by jumping of the ship. In the chaos, four musicians never left the ship but instead decided to play until the end and live their art.

Our ship called NOVA is safely sails through these rough times. We remain dedicated to our students, and we, the employees, help and support each other every day. Luckily, we have our principles as brave captains who steer the wheel of our ship through this pandemic storm.

This time you won’t see me because I believe that our students deserve the complete attention.

I am proud to be their mentor on this theatrical project.

My name is Tome Stankovski and these are our acting talents and their project – Disconnect Yourself.