NOVA – 16th Annual Family Bazaar 2022

Family tradition and gastronomy, together with play, song, fun, friendships, and humanity. These are the values created to convene in one place for the 16th time all the friends of NOVA. As the NOVA family grows, so do the family bazaars as a special experience for the entire NOVA community. NOVA once again showed that on a day like this, it is a place where all well-wishers, helpers, organizations, parents, friends, and students gather to dance together, demonstrate humane actions, donate, unite and rejoice. This, the 16th family bazaar is special because, although it is held every year, it happened again live after a two years break. The attendance was great and there were many families, parents and smiling children. The Association of Parents and Teachers expressed their satisfaction with the success of the organization, stating that they are happy to have the annual bazaar, outside in the beautiful garden, where there are stands with international food, petting animals, lots of fun games and all this for a wonderful occasion for the “Beacon of Hope” from Bitola, who expressed their gratitude to NOVA International Schools for being invited to be the beneficiaries of the funds raised. There were also representatives of the Student Council, who were raising money for the prom night. Then, representatives from the Charity Club “Iskra Nadeja”, who were at the family bazaar to promote their event, called “Run for Hope”, which has a charitable character and from which the funds raised will be donated to the Children’s Clinic of the Oncology Department. Representatives from the Feminist Club were also in attendance, selling a number of different items, promoting the club and raising money for the Menstrual Boxes campaign, which is planned for free mensrual supplies in various schools. Of course, in order to give a seal of unity between the different traditions and cultures which are present in NOVA, the stands with traditional food were also set up. Delicious specialties were presented: Macedonian table, American table, where favorites were hot dogs and hamburgers, then Turkish table with different and very tasty home-cooked Turkish food, as well as the Greek table. A combination of flavors and color palettes that ring with warmth, family, togetherness, and joy.
That’s why NOVA’s Family Bazaar is always special, because it creates moments that make the family happy, and that, in turn, gives a feeling of peace and harmony..