NOVA – Exhibition of individual projects

Computer scientists, artists, cooks, volunteers… NOVA assembled in one place the individual projects of the students, which showed how successfully they mastered science in various fields. This exhibition of individual projects is a combination of a five-year MYP program, and the individual project is a combination of the overall program. The MYP program allows students to learn and apply the skills they’ve learned, through which they can show the best of what they want. Students can choose something academic, something artistic, many projects can be seen from video games, to cooking, to volunteering. This is a great event to get to know the students and the MYP program. Great atmosphere, dedicated scientists, who happily answered questions and promoted their projects at their stands with individual projects. It fascinates the dedication and studious approach in the creation and presentation of the students’ projects. They simply “lived” with their research, activities and project work.
It is really important when students are given a challenge – then you can see how great their potential is, how open their minds are and how serious they are in finding solutions to the many challenges that are in the environment, waiting to be answered or found. to some innovative solution.
So this time too, faced with a new challenge, the students found themselves and what they want to create, in order to improve the world around them and influence it to be a better place for everyone to live.
From a book of poetry about the suffering of women, teenage girls, about their problems and challenges they face every day, projects that sometimes took a long time, even after 5-6 months of research to reach results to making artworks with strong messages to stop sexual abuse, to making comfortable pieces of furniture, then projects in the technical world, innovations such as an automatic fan, then films to save the oceans from pollution, urban planning to model building, to a plant irrigation project. Young scientists, creators, implementers.
There is great talent hidden in young people, and they only confirm that through the projects.