NOVA – Shakespeare 19

“They met me on the day of the victory and with my own eyes I say that they are beyond the knowledge of the common mortals…” Yes, the students of the International School NOVA are beyond the common knowledge and their talent for acting was proven with the performance of one complicated and inspiration authors as Shakespeare is, a challenge to all lovers of the theatrical art.  Here lays their greatness, their victory, in their perfectly performed act although in very specific circumstances and online. However, there are no barriers on the road for these young people who as students are talented enough to face the characters of this famous author. And everything is in the sign of the 19, a beautiful number. The symbolism and the number should not be remembers by bad things, but to be remembered by this performance SHAKESPEARE 19. With all the seriousness on the face, their speech, the emotional surges caused by the dramatic action, the young actors touch to the audience.

When the actors say: Oh how exquisite spirit demises here! The look of a noble, sword of a solder, speech of a scholar, hope and glory of this nice kingdom, the mirror and behaviour and taste, the example for everyone in doom, completely in doom…” you can actually understand the greatness of this young actors because they remind you who is Shakespeare and what is means to perform his work.

When you hear Ofelia ending the narrative with such emotions by saying: “Oh poor me for seeing what I saw, for seeing what is see”, there is nothing left except to give these young actors a chance and to meet you and win their battle with you.

Watch the video.

There are geniuses!