Valentin Dimitrov Yordanov is a Bulgaria wrestler, seven times European and seven times world champion. Olympian champion from the Olympic games in Atlanta 1996 in the category up to 52 kilograms.

He is born on 26 January 1960 in the village of Sandrovo, within the Municipality of Ruse. In 1970 here began training under the management of Georgi Achev, whom he worked with until his graduation from the sports school Major Atanas Uzunov in Ruse (1978).

In 1990 he immigrates to the USA, where he trained and lived in Foxcatcher estate of the multimillionaire John Du Pont.

The multimillionaire John Du Pont died in 2010 in prison, serving the sentence for murder. In his will, John Du Pont left 80% of his real-estate to Valentin Yordanov, his wife Zdravka Moneta Atanosova Dimitrov and their relatives.

Dane Korica is one of the best long distance runners in both Europe and the world, and he also is multiple Balkan champion. From the terrace of my room in the Olympian village I watched the terrorists from the Black September organization, wearing white coats and light weapons in their hands, snicking in from the roof of the pavilion where the athletes from Israel were staying. I heard gunshots and quickly laid down on the floor. The Olympic Games in Munich were suspended for a day. The German chancellor Willy Brandt came with a helicopter and landed in the middle of the Olympic village where the tanks already arrived.

I was left without a medal due to the terrorists.

Stefan Kraft

As with the most ski disciplines, ski jumps are mentioned for the first time in the Scandinavian countries. Around 1810, people were jumping from board made out of snow on a natural slope. The jumper gains intensity by going down the slope and then pushes off from the board and flied 15-20 meters.

200 years later, humans can fly 253.5 meters thanks to the amazing Stefan Kraft. He is a double world champion, holder of a world record and overall winner on the 2017 World Cup.