Depression is condition known for a long time and its name origins from the Latin word deprimere, which means to repress, depress or suppress. When depressed, the suppressed mood is actually a pathologically decreased mood as the main characteristic of this condition. The mood change can occur without visible reason or is not in coordination with the potential reason. Depressed persons lose their capability for sense of satisfaction and are not interested for activities that previously made them happy and brought them enjoyment.
On depression, the clinical psychologist Biljana Koprova, says:
The clients describe symptoms as lack of will, not having sense of security, disinterestedness for anything. Irrational view of things. What they rationally have, they do not percept, and it does not matter to them. Rationally, they know that they have experience as it should be, but on emotional level, the will struggles. They do not have will to get out of that situation. If we try to rationally explain to a depressed person, there won’t be any effect, since that person rationally knows those things, but they just don’t have the energy. The entire mental energy is towards inside and is spent on self-devaluation, for “self-whipping”, for self-blaming and there is no mental energy left for coming out of that state towards the outside and realistically see the things and go into action and defocus.