The balance between work and private life is becoming more and more a challenge these days. The frequent changes on the market, the competition, the fast rhythm of life and the pressure are coming from everywhere.
The longer working hours impact the social, family and love life. The free time is down to minimum, people think that they cannot or do not know how to arrange their life.
On the level of private life’s impact on the professional life and vice versa, the psychologist Blagica Rizova Tulov says:
“Often people say – He is great at work, but when he goes home, there is a problem, which is unbelievable. Mostly, those two fields are interconnected.
If I bring the work problem home, it does not mean that I have solved the problem. That means that I have problem at home and at work. And vice versa, the problem from home, I cannot leave it at home. There are beliefs for leaving the emotions outside the door, but that is not possible. We go to work with our whole person, with all the emotions and it is not possible to leave them outside the door. The same cannot happen when we go home.”
The remaining of the interview with our guest, you can watch in the show SINERGY with title THE PRIVATE LIFE’S IMPACT ON THE WORK.