From a wetland city, to a city that is the centre of European civilization. It became the seat of the European Economic Community in 1958 and the seat of NATO in 1967. Today, the city is home to the largest number of international organizations and the home of the world’s largest number of diplomats. Next to New York, Brussels is a city that can be visited at any time of the year, especially from May to September. The city is a collection of many cultures, architectures, history combined by the folks who lived and still live here. In the famous square, in the centre of the city, history protrudes from every corner, while the centuries intertwine through the monumental buildings that testify to the rich history to this day. Here, one cannot miss the Little Peeing Boy Fountain (Manneken Pis), as a famous cultural monument and a symbol of the city that attracts tourists from all over the world. Every two years, Brussels gathers flower lovers with the famous “Flower Carpet in Brussels” event. History, tradition, culture, famous Belgian chocolates and waffles, which do not leave indifferent any visitor to Brussels. Get your greater enjoyment in Brussels, through our reportage: