The development of underwater archaeology has led to epoch-making discoveries through the Museum on Water called Bay of Bones on the Ohrid Lake. An impressive and provocative enough place to be visited by all lovers of the beauty and the cultural and historical values. The settlement dates back to the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age. Or more specifically, when the Bryges, which are an integral part of the old Macedonian ethnic substratum, existed in this area. This is the second stage of prehistory, when the humans lived in certain conditions and circumstances along with their own specifics, when they lived in tribal communities, engaged in agriculture, hunting, fishing. Archaeologists say that, as written by Herodotus himself, humans survived by some standards established on hunting and making tools that helped them survive. Underwater archaeology at this Museum has uncovered a number of discoveries since archaeological excavations began in 1997. According to the researches made, the settlement had 24 houses and efforts to get their real appearance, to capture the way of life of the Bronze and Iron Ages and to present it to today’s civilized world are oriented in that direction. The museum is very popular, which shows its fascinating attraction for tourists, because it is a real journey through time. The reportage contains much more about this Museum on Water: