This small piece of land as given by God in the southwestern part of Macedonia is a real paradise for lovers of nature, tradition and the spirit of Christianity. Its intact nature, the authentic ambience, the traditional food, the kindness of the inhabitants is subordinated to what is meant by Macedonian, primordial, secular. Apart from being known for the traditional Vevchani Carnival, which is held every year on Vasilica, January 13th, it is full of intact nature such as Vevchani springs, which are a protected ecological zone, and represent an amazing corner for rest, meditation and enjoyment. Written sources testify that the carnival is 1460 years old, while others say its 2200 years old. Today the carnival is an interesting mesh up of pagan and Christian customs that attract visitors from the country and the world. Since 1993, by the membership in the Federation of European Carnival Cities, Vevchani Carnival has been pinned on the map of world famous carnivals, which makes it an even bigger and recognizable tourist attraction. Year after year, the carnival keeps increasingly attracting public interest, both from the country and abroad, enticing a large number of tourists.
And about the Vevchani paradise and nature? We always have stories to tell about it.