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Zoran Mihajlov was born in Bitola on January 17th, 1945. He finished primary and secondary school in Skopje, where he has also acquired a degree from the Faculty of Philology, in one of the classes of the prominent scholars and professors Blazhe Koneski, Haralampie Polenakovikj, Bozho Vidoeski and Dimitar Mitrev.

The knowledge acquired at the faculty and the direct contacts with professors determined his professional life as a journalist. During high school and student days he has been engaged as an associate in the “Studentski zbor” and “Mlad borec” newspapers, and in 1965 he began his professional journalistic career in the sports editorial of the oldest Macedonian daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”. For a certain period of time afterwards, he continued his professional life at Television Skopje as a sports commentator.

In 1981 he became secretary general of the football club Vardar, who for the first time in the history of the club managed to enter the then UEFA Cup in the 1984/85 season. A year later, as sporting director of BC MZT Skopje, he achieved the accession of the basketball club to the then Yugoslav First League.

Unable to do without sports journalism, in 1987 Zoran Mihajlov returned into MTV as a sports commentator and later as an editor of the sports newsroom. In his commentary career, Mihajlov is a record-holder in commenting and reporting on the world’s largest sporting event – the Olympics. He has attended 15 (9 summer and 6 winter) Olympics, affirming the performances of the Macedonian athletes and informing the Macedonian public about the events there.

In addition to his many engagements as a sports worker, Zoran Mihajlov was also an active athlete of AC Rabotnichki from 1960 to 1966, and spent two seasons playing for the Yugoslav national youth team.

Since 2009 he has been actively working with NASHA TV on a number of projects, as a sports commentator on major world competitions such as the Diamond League Athletics, the World Cup in skiing, ATP tennis tournaments, as well as the editor and host of the current SPORT po SPORT sports show.  Of course, his most significant and long-lasting engagement in NASHA TV is the realization of the Macedonian encyclopaedia of sports MAKEDONSKI SPORTSKI LEGENDI for which 176 episodes with the most important Macedonian sports legends have been made so far.

In 2019, in publication of Ars Libris, part of Ars Lamina – publications, his book Sport Stories (Sportski storii) was released, in which Zoran Mihajlov brings us back to the history of Macedonian sport.

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