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Wine, a mystical word, taste, colour … A spiritual relish… Because in wine there is truth. Many true truths, facts and wisdoms are provided in the series titled MOUTHFUL OF DEITY – STORIES OF WINE. Macedonian wine has a centuries-old tradition, an additional motive to tell many wine stories. In them, through several episodes, the stories about the origin of wine are thematically covered. They explain what wine is, how the wine is drunk, what are the varieties of wine as unique tastes that captivate with every sip taken. The stories continue with the story of St. Tryphon and reach to the fact that Macedonian wines are accessible, attractive, pleasant and delicate, with a taste that stays in your mouth for a long time. They show the progress that our winemakers have made toward the right balance and a developed sense of moderation.
Throughout history, wine with its richness in both the taste and the meaning of life, has occupied the minds of many artists. Inspired by that mouthful of deity, they have written down the greatest thoughts with their pen, which we love to utter even today. And all this has been due to the wine precisely, which we have in abundance, in terms of flavours, aromas, colours, rich landscapes… to immensity.
That is the Macedonian wine. This is exactly the challenge to be given together with a beautiful wine tourist offer, in the divine wine cellars of our wineries. Because the story of Macedonian wine is a story with countless characters, tastes and secrets of recipes that are traditionally and for centuries passed down from generation to generation; a story that knows no a beginning or an end, said the Macedonian winemakers. In Macedonia, wine is one of the symbols of the country, along with the sun, food and endless natural beauty.
A big challenge for anyone who wants to dive into the world of wine, to find out how wine loves food, why the very thought of this delicate topic causes respect. Just like the fact that wine can be a medicine or a poison, since it represents much more than an alcoholic beverage. Is it a myth or a legend? Yes, because the soul and the body have been treated with wine since the time of Hippocrates. It is biblical.
And so much mystery, love, desire, passion for wine, for that one sip, fermented grape juice about which Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin would say: Free yourselves from the worries, set them aside! Let the wine flow into the rivers of honour of Bacchus, the muses, the beauty.
For the whole truth about the wine, pour yourselves a glass of wine and watch the STORIES OF WINE.

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