In this episode, I will take you to the most beautiful place in the world, the POLYNESIAN HEAVEN.

The furthest, secluded in the world but also most unspoiled and beautiful. Fiji is an interesting island with local population coming from different cultures, Indians, Polynesians, a bit of Chinese and Africans who contributed to the most unique and delicious kitchen.


The nature in Fiji is gorgeous, but even more beautiful in Bora Bora.  50 shades of blue which leaves everyone breathless. The gulfs, hills in the background, beaches, the water itself, the engaging and recognizable cottages on the water and, of course, the local population with their magical music enchant and win over every tourist making him wish to come back at least once more in their life.


In this episode, I will show you the most interesting day in my life, the most entertaining day in Pago Pago, Samoa. One private bus, great company, enough beer and snacks, beautiful music and the most enchanting views were the recipe for an unforgettable day and unforgettable episode you cannot miss.