About Nova

Our school vision is…

to nurture our learners’ creative strengths and dispositions that enable them to thrive.

to engage learners in a life of passionate pursuits.

to help learners find their own sense of purpose.

to prepare learners for a life where they design, co-create, share and accomplish their goals.

to launch learners into society armed with their passions and dispositions, skills and abilities to learn, to affect positive change.


School Beliefs

1. We are a community of learners where education is the collaborative endeavor of everyone involved, our students, parents, staff and teachers (we are united by a common journey)

2. We believe in nurturing a growth mindset in every learner, giving rise to an endless potential of our members, and to the collective strength of our community (we have growth as our destination)

3. We provide our learners the tools necessary to engage in a life of passionate pursuits, with authenticity and integrity (we are true to self…)

4. We believe that our learners are best accountable to one another when treated with dignity and respect (…and accountable to others)

5. We believe that learners thrive in a safe and nurturing environment, facilitated by caregivers who are competent leaders and exemplars of learning and teaching (we understand leadership as everyone’s responsibility)

6. We believe that our learners should understand diversity in all its local and global contexts, and engage in shaping a better common future (we believe diversity is what makes the whole greater than its parts)