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Science and humanity, a joint place of many civilizations and different cultures. Many princes and princesses, musicians and ballerinas with gentle and lean figures, dances and serious performances, serious gigs and bands.
Young scientists with their projects and eco, information technology, natural science experiments. Theatrical performances with many sighs, shyness, excitement, adrenaline, and gained confidence and courage.
Performances filled with creativity, which the students managed to achieve thanks to their extraordinary mentors that gave them a chance to find themselves, to tame their feelings and to even express their personal revolt.
And why is to cool in NOVA? Because here the students are treated as equals to the mentors in everything they do, thus being challenged to find their hidden potential, to gain confidence and wake their creativity which they can apply in any profession and become successful.
It may seem to someone that that differs from everything. In NOVA, this is normal.
All events, starting with the children from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, family humanitarian bazaars, international days, to proms and dances, theatrical shows and concerts are woven with inspirational speeches which both the students and professors use to confirm their precious place in NOVA and their contribution to society.
All events in NOVA are mirror of the traditions of 43 different nations and cultures that comprise the NOVA family. NOVA managed to create a new reality in the educational system and to confirm that this different community of the international and national families may successfully function together.
Everything looks different in NOVA. In every students activity you can see seriousness, passion and desire to fulfil the given task and justify the trust of the professors and mentors. The responsibility to finish the task as a challenge to oneself but also the parents who give the privilege to be part of NOVA and eventually before the audience during the events that enjoys every performance, show, concert…
But we should not forget one more thing. The events at NOVA are integration of the education coming from many subjects confirming that the students leant the material provided by the educational programmes.
According the words of Venera Novakovska, the creator and implementer of the successful educational story called NOVA, the scene was and remains prepared for current and future shows, and its actors will go through space and time because their nature is temporal. But the everlasting values embedded in this institution will forever remain the in the memories of those who spent their time there because they will tell this story even when they are gone.
With all this energy the creative world of these events cannot be anything else but magical.

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