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Reportages about Macedonian landscapes, mountains, observatories, lakes, canyons, villages, cities, monasteries… At the same time, the beauties of the nostalgic Montenegrin magnificence, to the pearl of the orient, spread on two continents, to the magnificent of the modern western metropoles.
NASHA TV’s reportages, through picture and charming word, weave kilometers spent through beautiful places, which contour the beauty of Macedonia.
Through our reportages, along with the fans and admires of the Macedonian poetic-literature enjoyment, we tell stories for not to forget the grandness of our Racin, his “White Dawns”, as a timeless theme and lesson that Racin gave to the Macedonian long time ago, taking the deserved stand in the line of the founders of the modern Macedonian literature.
How rich is this country, also confirms the pearl of astronomy, the place that marks the rise of the Sun and the Moon, through the seven stone markers of the megalith observatory Kokino, dating from 1800 B.C., that is the early bronze age, and spreading on area of 5.000 square kilometers.

The selection of reportages include our beautiful cities. Of course, Bitola, the city of consuls, to walk through Shirok Sokak and to chat with the citizens of Bitola, while they are telling stories about the history, the customs, and the life.

We tell stories about our beauties, Skopska Crna Gora, Popova Shapka, Jasen, Mavrovo, the one and only Matka, Vevchani, Strumica with its carnivals and masks, the Bay of Bones, up to our spiritual sanctuaries, enjoyment through picture and a lovely word, challenge for seeing them as well.

We went beyond the borders a bit, the nostalgia returns us to Budva, Rieka, waking up old memories from a lovely period. Of course, the world of orient, Istanbul, spread on two continents up to the modern western world, Brussels, Hamburg, in Europe.
In all the contrast, there is a weave of nature’s pictures, magnificent areas, with those in many oriental colors and sounds, to the coloring of the European cities and their cultural-historic sights, lifestyle, tradition, something that always enchants to be visited.
Reportages. Selection of destinations for everyone.

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