about MARIJA


Maria has reached “adulthood” in her media career. From a journalist in the business daily BIZNIS, she was challenged by the TV project PROFIT of NASHA TV for the first time in 2010.
Researcher and analyst. No calculations.
Hungry for new information. Thirsty for knowledge.
Science and figures are her number one interest. And behind those figures and scientific researches and analysis there are many workers, many managers, a lot of hard work by businessmen, entrepreneurs, economists, consultants.
It’s important what you would say.
The viewer listens, sees, remembers and does not forgive.
Maria is a researcher and promoter of many successful business stories, entrepreneurs, farmers, innovators, managers, producers of all industries and through her work as an editor and host of the PROFIT economic show, she lives up to the challenge and is the leader of a team that knows how to make a project succeed.
The positive concept of the show, which through Marija’s energy imposes the optimism and highlights the beautiful, the positive, the successful.
Professional education and constant qualification for Marija is a daily routine.
She is actively engaged in the fields of social responsibility, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, as well as scientific-journalistic activity in the field of business, management, entrepreneurship.
Her professionalism brought her to the position of clinical teaching lecturer at the Business Academy Smilevski, in the field of entrepreneurship related to practical work, educator on many projects related to public relations and media, all in the function of positive business practices.
She is also a member of the Board of the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business at the University of Tourism and Management Skopje, with active participation in trainings and creation of the faculty’s programmes, through ideas and recommendations from practical experience with business.
Trainer and educator of series workshops for “Young Entrepreneurs” in the American Corner in Skopje.
She has attended in many forums, summits, international conferences, both scientifically and professionally, with scientific papers in the field of entrepreneurship.
Maria enjoys a rich professional life, which have encountered thousands of characters of successful people, people who have left her an imprint, each of them in their own way, with newly acquired wisdom, attitude, experience.
Despite that, in private life, she is surrounded by the closest ones who give her energy and life wisdom she needs in order to be a good wife, mother, parent, friend.

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