Macedonian art is large and very rich, diverse, with works of art for every taste. A higher awareness should be built among the citizens for buying a Macedonian author with a Macedonian product, which directly helps our economy, and the budget of the Macedonian artist. We have a great offer, many young talented artists and therefore by buying a work of art to be aware that the young artist is helped to be able to create something more in the future. In the show, through analysis, we talk about the current situation, support, development. According to connoisseurs of the state of the art, a work of art that will be hung in a gallery, it is already becoming a business, in itself. But, by no means should art be exclusively a business, it should primarily be art and at the same time a certain business. Therefore, in order for both art and business to survive, support is needed. The state should take measures to encourage the purchase of works of art by Macedonian authors. In addition, among the measures should be the support in the promotion, because we have good painters and they should be supported so that they can go beyond our borders. Otherwise, it is difficult to establish a normal financial relationship with us in this field, only the enthusiasm of artists and gallery owners allows them to survive in such difficult circumstances. Changes are needed to make it easier for everyone to have a work of art and to support our artists. In order to support, according to the President of DLUM Filip Fidanovski, so that we do not have a standstill in art activities, DLUM concluded a public-private partnership with the Art Center Art Hub Skopje, to give a little refreshment on stage, because this space is completely different of all the others we are used to seeing and it has gallery light, hanging systems and it looks more like a gallery than anything else we know.
More about this in the show through analysis with our guests:
Filip Fidanovski – president of DLUM
Novica Novakovski – Novak – owner of the art center ART HUB Skopje