The crisis challenged the managers of the companies. Part of them were more prepared and took activities to restructure the work with less damage but part of the companies were seriously hit by the crisis as result of the condition in the sectors and the bad approach to crisis management. The consultants say that we need long-term solutions are need to exit the crisis, adding that when the company will stabilize the work and make in-depth analysis, it should already prepare for any future crisis.

We will analyse all challenges of the crisis and the crisis management with experience national and foreign consultants and part of the managers.

The activities that the managers take during crisis usually can overcome any issues immediately. But according to the consultants, the managers should not be pleased with fast solutions but instead to seek long-term ones. Regardless of how serious is the crisis or how complicated are the circumstances, the essence of the crisis management is to find a long-term solution.

The consultants advise the managers that in order to work successfully even during a crisis and to decrease the lost in sales, to analyse the market, to not cut the marketing activities but to increase them.