FACTS: FACTS: FACTS: Small project in minutes, but big in the idea. FACT.

The project “ZA BIZNISOT” is intended to convey useful advice, thoughts, attitudes and messages from the world’s most famous businessmen, innovators, managers and academics in the field of management and business science.
Designed in the form of subliminal messages, with a good graphical representation of what needs to be heard, seen and memorized, with the sole purpose of being used to understand new experiences of managers and leaders who will apply them in managing the companies.
Each video is a new lesson in leadership and management, each of them is valuable and impresses with the content and facts that confirm these people’s grandness. Their successes should serve as an example in business. Their life stories mentioned are just a reminder that one can have nothing, but one day to have great wealth.
Motivational messages and clever thoughts given by these big minds, who own millions of dollars in the biggest companies, magnates in various areas of business – lessons that everyone should hear and see. And you don’t have to be part of the business world to find a motivational message in these videos.
Their list is long, but the project has selected the best ones: John Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Ted Turner, George Soros, Ray Kroc, Larry Flynt, Mark Victor Hansen, Rupert Murdoch and the famous Bill Gates.
In addition to these, the videos also feature Eric Schmidt, Peter Drucker, Lakshmi Mittal, Philip Knight, John McKay, Richard Branson, Philip Green and others.
Their views and messages are “great,” and as Donald Trump says, every day you have the opportunity to take the risk and work a little out of your safe nest. Their tips give the space to think a little better, to write down and do a lot more for the business and the company, which will achieve greater success. In this respect, Charles Schwab’s statement deserves attention,
“I think the ability to raise people’s enthusiasm is the greatest value I have, the best way to get the best out of them is to appreciate and motivate them.”

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