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Tea Begovska (29) is a Bachelor of Arts in Directing at the ESRA University of Audiovisual Arts in the class of Professor Dejan Projkovski, where she has also defended her specialist’s thesis. She presented her diploma thesis at the Shtip National Theatre, staging the play “The Maids” By Jean Genet. Since then Begovska has begun to work intensively in an alternative space, creating a theatrical performance: “Three Sisters” by Chekhov (2013), “Silence” (her original project) (2014) “Control” (original project) (2014), “Let’s Have Sex” by Valentin Krasnogorov (2015), “Coffee without Cigarettes” (original project (2016), “Watch, Feel, Listen” (original project, performance), “Actor Human” (original project). Her works have been performed in several cities, theatre and art festivals in Macedonia: “Vojdan Chernodrinski”, “Risto Shishkov”, “IMPAKT”, “BOSH”, “AKTO”, “Lica bez maski”… Other projects: “Class Enemy”, “Tiramisu”, “Dr. Freud’s Patient”, “Marriage is Marriage” and others. Awards: NETA award at the festival “Risto Shishkov” for a engaged theatrical approach for “Control”. NETA’s award “Risto Shishkov” for exploring the secrets of acting mastery for “Actor Human”, best alternative performance award in Postojna, Slovenia for “Actor Human.” After the Pristina International Festival, “Actor Human” became part of their monthly repertoire. Tea Begovska also works in theatre and film education for children and young people at the Drama Studio for Children and Youth – SCENA and in Djolev and the Arts as a mentor for “Actors Play in Front of a Camera”. She has been mentor of several workshops for children and youth in which she has implemented numerous educational projects, from which she would single out the” Theatre Dictionary –made by the children for the children “. She has delivered a TV show on NASHA TV where she has discussions with prominent and young artists. So far she has hosted shows with more than 100 guests from different art profiles. Since 2014 she has been employed at the Drama Theatre Skopje.

Tea Begovska is a winner of several awards:

NETA award at the festival “Risto Shishkov” for an engaged theatrical approach for “Control” theatre project.

NETA’s award “Risto Shishkov” for exploring the secrets of acting mastery for the theatre project called Actor Human,

Best Alternative Performance Award in Postojna, Slovenia for Actor Human theatre project.

KULTURO project marked Tea Begovska as a public figure, full of knowledge, youthful enthusiasm and hunger for new challenges and conversations.



Jasmina Spasovska was born in 1974 in Skopje and graduated from the Faculty of Comparative Literature at the “Blazhe Koneski” Faculty of Philology.

Immediately after graduation she started working at the Macedonian Television. Then she continued at Kanal 5, in the Studentsko Radio, A1 TELEVISION, Radio Slobodna Makedonija, NASHA TV, TV 24 etc.

She has also participated in private projects in the field of culture and literature, such as the project “I gave a book”. She has been coordinator and author of scripts in educational programmes and author of the MILLIONAIRE quiz questions.

The main interest in her work is in the field of culture. She hopes that someday cultural values will overcome the pragma and culture will become the top aspiration of living in societies. She strives in every way, in all areas where she operates, to promote the true values underlying culture and art in a society, to which, unfortunately, very little time and space is devoted by both society itself and its citizens.

For several years she has been the editor and host of a cultural show called KULTURO in NASHA TV, promoting the values she stands for. Her distinctiveness, ingenuity and clear attitude about the topics she debates with her interlocutors on numerous cultural topics also sets her apart conceptually as a person in the Macedonian media space.

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