About Nova

Dear visitor,

Welcome to our community. Our school’s name (NOVA) in both Latin and in Macedonian designates ‘new’. The Native American meaning is “Chases Butterfly”. In astronomy, it means a star that suddenly becomes thousands of times brighter.

NOVA International School is recognized as the leading international school in Macedonia; we are a diverse school primarily serving the international community in Skopje, as well as local families with a global outlook, who represent the local diversity found here.

We prepare our students to attend universities worldwide. We understand that student health and safety is an important precondition to learning. We empower learning through caring and well trained educators. Our teachers come from fourteen different countries and they bring a truly international world of ideas to our school. We continually work to ensure that our programs and curricula are evolving, in tune with a changing world.

Our students come from more than 45 different countries, and they help us create the multi-cultural context where ideas and learning can thrive.

Our three part school mission is 1. To seek self and others, 2. In heart and mind, 3. Unafraid of the possibilities.

-The first part refers to our freedom to develop, and our openness to welcome and embrace others, hence contributing to, and benefiting from the diversity that we have here. Our learners develop into inquirers and communicators, they are knowledgeable and principled.

-The second part of our mission refers to our belief in holistic development, so a balanced approach of academic pursuits, personal interests, and social and emotional learning. Our learners develop into caring, reflective and balanced individuals, and they are thinkers.

-The third part of our mission refers to overcoming challenges, persisting and prevailing in the stretch zone of learning, for a chance to meet and exceed our expectations. Our learners develop into educational risk takers, and they are open-minded, to a world thriving with possibilities.

I hope that this website enables you to get a glimpse of our school and its resources and offerings for all members of our community.

As communication is very important to any successful community, please feel free to explore the website and understand that our doors, classrooms and offices are open to our families who are equal partners in the education of the child.

With the utmost respect,

Ivan Novakovski


NOVA international School