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Love consists of three different components: intimacy, dedication and passion. All forms of love are seen as different combinations of these three components. Liking only involves intimacy. Blindness involves only passion. Romantic love includes intimacy and passion. Friends love involves intimacy and dedication. Frivolous love involves passion and dedication. And finally, perfect love includes all three. There are wars for love, architectural wonders built, novels, verses, poems written. Agápē , Ljubav , Љубов , Любов , Dashuri , Тe yubesk … How does love sound in all Balkan languages when it is sang by: Masimo Savikj, Zoran Predin, Rita Ora… WATCH on LOVE TV! SOON!

Love is a kind of drunkenness. When one drinks one glass and then another, their appetite opens and thirst appears. Then they do not stop drinking glass by glass. (Branislav Nushikj)