We work in the marketing sector. We do not perform advertising. We analyse, we create strategies, we receive advices and give advices. We convey someone’s experiences… Ours as well… We broadcast promotional materials, we plan budgets. We analyse who, how much and when they can and do adapt it to the market and the opportunities.

Most important to us is the product’s potential and the leader who creates the product.

We work on product development and sales.  We ask the owner for money for them to believe more in their product.

We remove the lime around the product, we wash the mud around the design, we scrape the rust around the sellers, we glaze over the bosses’ laziness. …we light the bulbs of those who want to hear…

You sell. You create.

The success is yours. We talk and open chakras.  For free… But we charge you to keep you awake… And we know that… Things can be done in other way… How I didn’t remember, it was just before my eyes… And we won’t tell you everything.



What’s the secret of our success?

It’s a secret. We cannot reveal it.


Send us an info on your product on (if you want your message to be read right away, please send it to or call us on 075 48 58 55 and we will be right there to stuff down your throat.  What you hate the most.

But… do not forget that we know and we listen… That comes with a price.