Culinary pleasures from all over the world, dancing, performances of songs, athletic acrobatics and many talents in a mission to motivate and awake the humanity. The members of the community in the international school NOVA are proud of the traditional spring family bazaar.

Unfortunately, the world pandemic changed the plans for this year family bazaar but the tradition was not broken and the event was organized online. The health of the community, students and all people is of the greatest importance for them and therefore the programme and concept were adapted this way. Useful and inspirations to watch, organized with a lot of love and humanity in everyone that was included in their realization, employees, students, parents.

The humanity is part of NOVA’s corporate value, and the social responsibility is their guide. Therefore the family bazaar once again supported the humanitarian dimension, by donating the collected funds to the primary school for children with special needs Idnina in Skopje. All humane people donated funds online through the website of the school. The family bazaar gave an interesting content to all people at home and managed to awake their humanity and collect funds together.

This event was special because one can see how everyone prepared they piece with dedication, from those who prepared some culinary recipe from their traditional cuisine to those who prepared a musical piece in their musical workshop or created a song about the “corona”, Sun and many other performances. Woven is the art of the young guitar players, pianists, writers, which truly can be enjoyed to those artist that kept their summer memories from their travels.

Others wave at us from their kitchens showing us how to prepare stew, traditional American cookies, hamburgers and other delicious recipes from many traditional cuisines because NOVA’s family is big and multicultural. So the minutes of the family bazaar pass. Different aromas and tastes, songs and plays spread around that only cause enjoyment and excitement but also great respect for this event and the students. Additionally it cannot be forgotten that what makes NOVA special is the fact the family bazaar is organized by the Association of Parents and Teacher from NOVa in cooperation with the school. As well as the fact that part of the funds raised from the event was indented for the Clinic for Paediatric Haematology and Oncology; the Home for Children without Parents 11 Oktomvri, State School for Children and Youth with Damaged Eyesight Dimitar Vlahov; the Office for Mental Health of Children and Youth Mladost etc. The humanitarian program of the community, which successfully operates in NOVA, so far has made countless humanitarian activities, and the students actively work as volunteers by preparing many meals for socially endangered people, they were with the people with disabilities to help the, showing personal example but also being an example for how humanity and solidarity should be learned, cared about and applied. Therefore, the PPS Idnina showed their gratitude for the support with a warm message by saying that maybe the words of their students are poor in conveying what is hiding in their hearts but there is one big THANK YOU in their hearts for being there because only open arms can receive a present, and only an open heart can receive love.

NOVA undoubtedly shows that is has a big heart for humanity.