For some shuai jiao is like Mount Everest of Chinese martial arts. A title which is not earned easily having in mind the tradition of the martial arts in China. Shuai jiao is a fighting system over 3000 years old which includes the Chinese tradition, philosophy and manner of thinking. This skill is not just a physical sport but also a set of values. In this show, we get to meet master Goran Andonov from the club Dantian – the man who brought shuai jiao to Macedonia and who with the help of master Antonio from Italy trains the first fighters who will later be ready to transfer their knowledge to everyone interested in this discipline. Meet the pioneer of shuai jiao in Europe, Alessio Pasciulli who was a shuai jiao champion in China in 2013 as well as Italian and European champion and learn more about his inspirational experience in this discipline.