NASHA TV on a NEW CONTINENT project aims to create a new regional television platform, present in 13 countries in the region: REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA, BULGARIA, GREECE, ALBANIA, SERBIA, CROATIA, SLOVENIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, MONTENEGRO, KOSOVO, ROMANIA, HUNGARY AND AUSTRIA, whose focus and interest will be on BUSINESS, CULTURE, TOURISM and SPORTS.

In the Macedonian media space, there is no regional project that unites the interests of Macedonian culture, Macedonian business, Macedonian sports and Macedonian tourism. There is not a single Macedonian television station that broadcasts outside of Republic of North Macedonia, to any cable operator, in any country in the world by which it would present the Macedonian culture, Macedonian business sector and Macedonian companies, Macedonian athletes and Macedonian tourist potentials. There is no networked activity of the countries in the region in the Macedonian media space in which the countries would present their values in the field of culture, business, sports and tourism.

NASHA TV on a NEW CONTINENT project aims at:

  1. Connecting NASHA TV to regional cable, DTH operators and IPTV televisions from 13 countries in the region (Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Hungary and Austria) and providing availability of NASHA TV projects, from the current 400,000 subscribers in Macedonia, to a new 30 million potential viewers and a potential marketing market of 6 billion euro.
  1. Presenting regional cooperation between 13 countries in the region and motivating artists, athletes, companies and tourism workers for networking, presentation and their regional cooperation through the opportunities, experiences and potentials of the regional cooperation.
  1. Sales of marketing space in NASHA TV projects, with the potential for availability of advertising messages in front of 30 million viewers in 13 countries in the region.

The interest of the clients for presenting their products in the new production products of NASHA TV, which will be of regional importance, on the topics of business, culture, sports and tourism, will allow the companies a regional marketing presentation and up to 75 times cheaper price than the current market price of marketing space and marketing services.

At the moment, there is no similar regional project through which the most important artists, businessmen, athletes and tourism workers will present their experiences to each other and will continuously motivate everyone else to undertake activities for mutual cooperation and regional networking.
Media culture and television programmes are currently at a very low level of culture and communication.
Experiences for regional networking and public discussion of these topics and issues currently available are incompetent and incidental.
Media workers do not have breadth in their views and do not think beyond the borders of their country and do not see the potential of their countries.

The attitude of the state towards the media is that the media serve the state and the local self-government to convey the information to the citizens. Everything else in the country in relation to the media is secondary and any kind of low quality media programme is accepted, while the state has no and does not want to have control over the quality of media content.

Media misleads viewers about the values in society. Uneducated and greedy media owners eager for profit dictate the media offer on the market, which is full of low passions and cheap communication with viewers.

The goal of the NASHA TV on a NEW CONTINENT project is to raise the level of communication with the viewers and to offer topics that are of importance and value for the region by presenting values and topics for BUSINESS, CULTURE, TOURISM and SPORT, in order to create a new value for the educated viewers.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development of the Republic of North Macedonia