In the nature’s womb, in the primordial soil of creation, lies the hidden key to all objects, said Paul Klee, the poet among modern artists.
Can we arrange our thoughts so that they will be independent of any daily preoccupation?
Can we always notice all the things around us, create a perfect mosaic with them, as nature does?
OF COURSE, man is infinite in his gift of combining to finally arrange his own universe: Like the domino of our childhood or like the puzzle with which the cosmos arranges things with cosmic harmony, peace, love…
Earth is our soil. It is the ground on which we walk, the firmness and security we desire throughout our journey, through the breath called life.
When we take a handful of earth in our hand, can we see in it the last layer of the planet Earth that lives in universe in a carefree order?
The last layer, the one that carries us, protects us, feeds us?
Have we thought that trees are beautiful and green because they feed directly from the essence, the core of the Mother Earth?
All flowers, the green soft grass, all the food that is useful to us, carry the essence of peace in themselves.
Everything can change around us except our heart, our love, and our striving to get to know the divine.
But still, never completely cross the threshold of sleep, never leave the land that feeds you.