Of all the forms in the world, can we find the ideal that will completely satisfy our taste, our need, our essence, our aesthetics, from depth and wisdom. Yes!

Only if we open the gate for them, they will wake up from their centuries-old dream and if we are ready, they will present themselves with all the beauties they have gathered along the way.

We are entering!

The forms created by nature are infinite, constantly creating them as perfect extracts, produced by the imagination of God. They are here to calm us, to ennoble our spirit, to fill us with the beauty and peace that everyone strives for.

But the art … it is the soul of all the world gods in one place, at the same time.

Out of the billions of forms created by nature or the artist following the example of nature, do we have the right not to think about those forms that contain bad matter or potency? So, do we have the right to reject all the mentally gray forms that destroy, in order to dedicate ourselves to the forms that ennoble the spirit?

One of the art theorists once wrote and they remarked him about overemphasis: “Nature only crawls to the beautiful, while art lives the beauty. ”

Or, the completely opposite thesis of the old Plato may be valid, that nature is a shadow of the ideas of the perfect world, while art is a shadow of the shadows.

But, with the individual right of a sincere enjoyer of art forms, can we declare the beauty of art identical to nature?

It contains the universe and the rare specimens of good people.

In an Apollo, David, Venus or in any mythological God created by the artist and connoisseurs and those who will meet them for the first time, at least for a moment they will feel the nothingness and insignificance of the state and small petty ambitions and will feel the piece of space, the true God.

The beautiful shapes, the real ones for us, are within our palm. As is the true statue of the thinker Buddha, so is the gift from the journey of our friend, who has in her soul and all the good wishes of the man who made it, together with all the good thoughts of the one who gives it to us.

Along with the breath of the cosmos, which is always here, waiting for us to notice it.

May all the forms that delight us, that shape our mood and make us simply happier and fuller live forever!