NOVA – An evening of classical music 2022

In honor of classical music, an evening filled with compositions, and strong emotions, like a journey through musical history, through the scores of famous world composers. An evening, when the beauty of each note springs from the skilled fingers of NOVA’s students is celebrated. An evening when the music of the past merges with the music of the present and the future. The rich and selected program, as a choice for the music, with a flowing “Musical Dream”, traditional songs of the peoples of the world, sonatinas, piano “Waltz”, to piano “Igra”, “For Eliza” etc., which are lined up one by one , which one is more impressive, emotional.
Confirmation of the success of this music-making is the progress of the students in the past 10 years through the desire and perseverance in studying instruments and classical music. The success which they achieved together with their professors, as mentors, but also the support of their families, with a unique commitment to bring classical music closer to their community and to grow it in all musical genres.
A collection of young musical talents, students from kindergarten to the highest grades, those who were touched by classical music and became their everyday life. Those children’s fingers that “embroider” music, that hit the keys, that caress the strings. What sails through musical history, through the centuries, through the composers. They are the continuation of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin… Therefore, they will live forever. Because there are young talents living with them, at this time. As bold as it sounds, they are the new Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin…


So a big round of applause for them!